Apple iMac Refresh

That's £999 to you and me ...

Apple has refreshed its range of iMac computers.  They’re all quad-core now, they start at £999 for a 21.5″ model, they all have 4GB of RAM, and … oh … don’t take my word for it – have a look HERE.


Round the back, including those new Thunderbolt ports.
When you purchase, you get the option of swapping Magic Mouse for the Magic Trackpad
One cable does all. Superdrive and SD Card Slot in the side.

6 thoughts on “Apple iMac Refresh

  1. Although I have owned more computers than I care to admit, I am no technogeek. I want things simple and reliable. And this machine is it. It is an eye-pleasing machine; reproduces beautiful sharp images on the monitor; gone is the cable clutter; it takes up minimal space; and has a small yet very smooth keyboard. Most important, it works right out of the box with minimum fuss — basically just plug into the wall.

    The Apple website is one of the best for providing tutorials and simple easy to understand instructions if you need guidance on “how to.”

    If you grew up on Windows as have most of us, it will take you a bit to get used to the MAC way of doing things, but once you do, you will love it. Little things can drive you nuts at first: e.g., when you press delete MAC deletes the symbol in back of the cursor as opposed to Microsoft systems which delete in front of the cursor.

    Drawbacks? Sure it’s got them. My kids complain that they can’t download lots of games from the internet (Good!) because they won’t work on non-Windows systems (You can always get Windows for MAC, but why bother?) The mouse is a bit heavy and at first hard to get used to, but give it time.

    Highly recommended

  2. This review is intended for the 21.5 iMac mid-2010 model which came out recently. Apple made a significant improvement for the iMac line and it shows: 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 processor with 4MB level 3 cache; 4 GB of RAM upgradable to 8 GB; and also an ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics processor with 256MB of GDDR3 memory. Look at last year’s iMacs and you’ll see that this is a very tempting offer despite the $1200 price tag.

    Having said that, I don’t think last year’s iMac owners should rush to buy these new ones. However, if you haven’t upgraded your desktop Mac in over a few years or you’re looking to buy your first Mac desktop, this is one unbeatable deal you should not miss.

  3. I’ve been a PC user forever. I don’t know if there’s always been such a big difference between PCs and Macs, but after 30 days I can say that the iMac MC511LL/A 27-Inch Desktop on this product page outperforms any PC that I’ve ever used in almost every (important) area.

    My Dell Dimension 8300 desktop is a 2003 dinosaur, so comparing my new iMac to that really just isn’t fair. But I will say that the iMac absolutely blows away the performance of my old Dell: like comparing a 2011 BMW to a Model T. Really. That dramatic.

    As a more fair comparison, I also use an HP 8530w laptop that’s only 2 years old and pretty powerful, but the iMac makes it clear that it’s OS X operating system is just much better than Windows.

    First there’s the load times. Turn on the iMac and it’s ready to go. Turn on any PC and it loads for sometimes several minutes before it will operate flawlessly. Start ANY program on the iMac and it’s ready to go. Start certain programs on a PC like Microsoft’s own Zune or even Internet Explorer and wait times vary from several seconds to up to a minute in Zune’s case.

    Perhaps a lot of the speed of my new iMac has to do with a virus program NOT taking over the iMac like Norton Antivirus takes over my PCs. If you’re a PC user, you’re probably familiar with an annoying slowdown that seems to regularly occur where your hard drive light comes on and indicates that it’s working hard at something even though you’re doing nothing? A lot of the time that’s your antivirus software doing its thing in the background but crushing your computing power while it does.

    The iMac is natively secure and may not need third party virus software that takes over your computer, and, oh by the way, antivirus software costs a pretty penny and requires an annual subscription. I researched this a fair amount and no one recommends installing 3rd party virus software on an iMac. According to a 12/29/2010 article in the Wall Street Journal by Walt Mossberg:

    “No computer is inherently invulnerable to malicious software, and that includes the Macintosh. However, nearly every malicious program known is meant to run on Windows and simply won’t operate on the Mac operating system. The handful of Mac viruses and other malware that have been discovered are either proofs of concept, or have spread to very few users and done little or no damage. Most Mac users I’ve known don’t run third-party security software and haven’t had malware problems. So I don’t routinely recommend Mac security software.”

    That’s good enough for me, friends and neighbors…Thanks, Walt.

    If I had to come up with a complaint about my new iMac it would be that it won’t play Sirius XM. Now that’s not really a problem for me since I’ll still have my Dell Dinosaur set up to do that if I need it. But it is an annoying glitch. Upon calling Apple about it they recommended that I contact Sirius XM. Sirius XM said, “Yeah, Macs can be problematic; our stream is WMA based and we recommend installing a program called Flip4Mac that converts WMA & WMV files to be played on Quicktime.” I checked with Apple about this Flip4Mac program and they verified that it was a decent program (the tech I spoke with even suggested that it was installed on his own iMac). But unfortunately, Flip4Mac did not fix my problem and I still can’t get the new iMac to play Sirius XM. (PLEASE comment to my review if you’ve had this issue and fixed it!) EDIT 3/14/11 – Sirius XM fixed the problem with a new and updated web site and streamer. Hooray. Now I have absolutely nothing negative to say about my new iMac!

    A quick couple of words about Apple customer service: they’re great and the 3 folks that I’ve spoken with so far we’re US based and spoke clear English! Rare for a customer service department these days. Hand in hand with this I would also recommend, especially for first time iMac users, the AppleCare Protection Plan. It extends your free iMac phone support from 90 days to 3 years and extends your warranty from 1 year to 3 years…AND it’s cheaper here at Amazon than it is at the Apple Store.

    Have I said enough? I think so. Oh, two more things: 1) Set up couldn’t be easier. The iMac is the epitome of plug & play. No giant warnings inside the box about “do this or do that first or else”. It comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard already paired through Bluetooth wireless. 2) Whether you’re a business person or not, get the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac. People will likely email you documents and trust me…they’ll never be in iWork; they’ll always be Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents and your iMac won’t open those without MS Office installed. I have iWork but I haven’t even had the need to install it on the iMac yet.

    You know what they say? Once you go iMac you’ll never go back. From my personal experience so far, I think “they” are right.

  4. After many years of dealing with the “blue screen of death”, I finally had enough and my daughter and I purchased MacBook Pro computers in late 2009. Another daughter who already had a MacBook called it “coming over to the light side of The Force.” This year my wife decided that she had had enough of Windows also, so I purchased the MC509LL, 21.5″ iMac as her Christmas present. It was a great gift for both of us since I was and am her computer “guru”.

    Apple is not perfect, but they are so much better than anything else out there it isn’t even funny. They understand customer service and the tech you will talk to speaks with an American accent. When Jimmy Dean started his sausage company he quoted his grandfather with, “you usually get what you pay for.” Apple is not cheap, but the product is good, and the service is excellent. Come over to the Light Side.

  5. Highly recommend this iMac to new computer users and experienced power users, and everything in between. This computer is very easy to setup – no longer than 15 minutes and you can be online – and that includes the time to look at the owners manual! No ugly wires hanging all over, no cryptic navigation, and no Micro$oft software. The screen is beautiful! striking colors and contrast. Watch a movie clip and see how computers should display action shots. Built in camera, microphone and SD card reader keeps the clutter to a minimum. You’ll be glad you bought this computer.

  6. For a couple years I’ve always wondered about making the leap to the other side and purchasing a Mac. Like many, I bought an iPhone and have loved the simplicity and ingenuity of the iPhone. Well, that was the proverbial “foot in the door” I needed to make the switch to the Mac.

    I won’t talk about all the technical aspects. You can read the specs and see about all the hard drive space and ram. What I’m going to focus on in my review are all the things that I’ve wanted to do on a PC but never were successful with.

    1, I’ve never been able to get an “auto backup” software to run and archive my computer onto an external hard drive. However, doing this on a Mac has been simple. I plugged in my external HD I owned, and after getting off all the files I wanted to save from that HD, I went into the “Time Machine” application and easily went through the set up. Within minutes my computer was automatically archiving and setting up a back up. It does this on its own daily. With my PC, I bought an external HD, and the software that came with it bogged down my computer so much I could never do anything with the computer while it was trying to do a back up. With Time Machine on my iMac I don’t have a clue that the back up is going on, but sure enough, the hourly backup files keep showing up on my external HD.

    2. Video Editing. On my PC, I’ve tried windows movie maker, corel etc. The programs always were glitchy. File formats had to be changed, and the entire process of editing videos sucked. On my new Mac, I was up and running editing a video the night I took it out of the box. I was able to put together a video announcing that my wife is expecting within 30 minutes or so. The results were fantastic. Not to mention very intuitive.

    3. iTunes sucked on my PC. Trying to get my iPhone and my PC to were together was a challenge. iTunes never ran all that well on my PC. With the iMac, its flawless. Syncing happens with ease and it works great.

    4. Video Chatting. I tried a couple programs on my PC to do video chatting and was always left disappointed. Audio quality lacked, video quality was so so. With iChat, video chatting is amazing right out of the box. So much so that I’m considering purchasing an iMac for my in-laws so they can do daily “check ins” with my wife and soon to be born baby. It doesn’t replace a hug, but a smiling face here on the other end will help ease the grandparents sadness that they aren’t next door.

    So, That’s just a bit of my review. Yes, there are some things to get used to. However any differences between the Mac and the PC are only that, differences. It takes a while to get used to some of the new commands and key placements, but nothing that is bad. Its just different. However I can’t be more pleased with my choice to get the iMac!

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