Midweek Roundup

  • The White iPhone 4 should be available today (Wednesday) or tomorrow;
  • iPhoto is updated to 9.1.2, and there’s a Font Update for Snow Leopard; 112MB for the former, 4MB the latter;
  • Sony has released a couple of tablets to compete with the iPad.  Frankly, they’re horrible;
  • Apple will probably announce a cloud-based music service which will be free to start, and then be subscription-based, rumoured to be about £10 a year.  May shelve or drastically alter the MobileMe service to incorporate;
  • Steve Jobs gets a character in the opening episode of South Park’s 15th Season.  He’s seen on stage announcing something called the ‘HUMANCENTiPad’
Steve Jobs, as he appears in South Park
  • Hugh Laurie’s new album, ‘Let Them Talk’, is simply amazing.  It’s out on 9 May and I’m very fortunate to have been given the opportunity of hearing it prior to release.  15 tracks of the best jazz/blues, featuring guest artists such as Sir Tom Jones, Dr John and Irma Thomas.
  • iFixit have released a clear plastic screen for the iPhone 4.  Tougher than the glass original, you’re able to see all your phone’s gubbins.
  • If you love ‘Frasier’ (and why wouldn’t you?) then you’ll probably be as astonished as I was after watching the trailer for the new David Hyde-Pierce movie, ‘The Perfect Host’.  You’ll never see Niles Crane in the same light again:

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