Quickie: “iPhone 4S” Pictures Surface *PLUS* New MacBook Pro Case Design *PLUS* Mixtikl 3 News *PLUS* iPhone 6 Display

A few questionable pictures of something referred to as ‘iPhone 4S’.  Basically, it’s a white iPhone 4 with a larger screen.

The source, MIC Gadget, declined to say where they’d got the images from.  To me, it looks like a nasty Taiwanese fake.  The comparison between a proper white iPhone 4 and the (screen only) new device shows the edge-to-edge glass.

MacRumors say that the new glass lines up pretty much with tech drawings previously seen, which may give a hint of credibility to the pictures.


A new case design for Apple’s MacBook Pro notebooks is earmarked for release next year.  No details are forthcoming.


The chaps at Intermorphic have just made this announcement on FaceBook:

We think Mixtikl 3.0 should be ready to submit to the App Store in under 2 weeks now. It is a big step on from Mixtikl 2, and there are several big usability improvements as well as cool and powerful new features.”

They’re evening using phrases like “modify the sounds” and “tempo-sync the filters”.

Nice.  Will definitely be worth the wait.

iPhone 6

I know it’s a bit early to be talking about this yet, but the iPhone 6 is slated to incorporate a Sharp p-Si LCD, a low-temperature display that’s very, very thin indeed, and requires low power to operate.  This could pave the way for  an incredibly thin phone.


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