Easter Roundup

Happy Easter everyone.  Tech news seemed to tail-off as the weekend approached, but here’s what’s new:

UK White iPhone 4 with that proximity sensor 'hole'
  • Pictures have emerged of the White iPhone 4 being made available to UK cell carrier Vodafone.  The only real difference, apart from the colour, is the hole above the earpiece speaker, which is a proximity sensor recess; iPhone 4 is believed to go on sale on Wednesday 27 April;
  • A report says that iPhone 5 will have a completely new design: metal backed, teardrop design, 3.7″ edge-to-edge screen, and a ‘home button’ within a multitouch ‘gesture area’, as well as the A5 chip, 8MP rear-facing camera.  The report comes from the same people that said iPad 2 would have an SD Card slot and Retina Display, so take the above with a very large pinch of salt  (see photo below);
  • Apple are starting production on Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Air’s next month.
  • The iTunes Streaming rumour has reared its head again, with Apple reportedly signing up lots of big name record labels;
  • Brian Eno has ANOTHER new album coming out in July.  ‘Drums Between The Bells’ is the second of Eno’s releases on Warp Records.  A track, ‘Glitch’, has been uploaded to SoundCloud for your delight and delectation.  Here it is:
  • iPad 2 production is being cut slightly because of problems with displays and speakers for the units.
  • Apple are believed to be experimenting with a 3U rack mount Mac Pro, thinner and lighter than its mainstay.
  • Some gaming devs have been issued with A5-powered iPhone 4’s to test their software.
  • The 4G LTE chipset won’t be available to Apple for the iPhone 5, due for release this September.
  • Yamaha have produced a MIDI interface for iOS devices that connects direct to the 30-pin connector.
  • Dell’s ‘Alienware’ laptops have been updated to incorporate the Sandy Bridge chipsets.
  • Angry Birds Seasons had an Easter update.
No. Just say 'no'.

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