MacTracker: Apple Hardware History Application

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I don’t spend a lot of time in the Mac App Store, a) because there’s probably never going to be anything in there I want, and b) I couldn’t afford it anyway.  But here’s something that knocked my nerdile socks off – and it was my favourite price.  FREE!

MacTracker is a fantastic little program that’s, basically, a database of pretty-much every piece of Apple hardware there’s ever been.  Tabs give basic overviews of the item, and then there are more details like CPUs, memory, screen sizes etc.  And not just computers – iPhones, iPods, mice, keyboards, iSight cameras and a whole lot more.

The fun part is clicking on the graphic image of the device to hear the original ‘Apple chime’ that greeted you on power-up.  Not all the devices had chimes, remember, so it’s nice to find one you’ve never encountered before.  It will also recognise the Mac you’re using, and tell you all about that too.  There are links to the Apple Support site so you can find manuals for your original hardware, plus there’s an Apple Timeline from 1983 to 2011.  The developer hasn’t forgotten about software either, and all OS versions (from System Software 2.0.1 right up to Mac OSX Server 10.6) are there.  When it comes to your own hardware, you can also enter your Mac Inventory label and equipment purchase date, and get a reminder of when your warranty is about to expire.  Neat.

You can create what’s known as “smart categories”, to make, for example, lists of all devices with G5 processors, or those with Bluetooth (for example).

There aren’t many reviews of it on the Mac App Store yet, but there will be with time.  And people are liking what they’re getting already, me included.

Get it FREE at this LINK


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