A ‘Thank God It’s Nearly Midweek’ Review

  • iOS 4.3.2 is OUT NOW!  So is Safari 5.0.5 plus a security update;
  • White iPhone 4 should start shipping by the end of April;
  • Final Cut Pro X will be $299 and made available through the Mac App Store in June; Cheap!
  • Safari in 10.7 Lion will include a ‘do not track’ tool so that web browsing behaviour cannot be monitored;
  • Service Pack 1 is available for Office 2011 for OSX;
  • Foxconn are going to build more iPads in Brazil by the end of the year;
  • Apple might use its September event to announce iPhone 5 after all;
  • Apple reportedly testing wifi services using carbon fibre devices;
  • Component supplies say that iPad 3 is unlikely in 2011;
  • iOS 4.3.2 might be out next week;
  • Speculation that Apple are preparing Video Subscription Service similar to NetFlix;

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