Intermorphic Software & Mega-Bundle SALE! *UPDATE 7/4*

The chaps at Intermorphic have just announced a sale of their superb Mixtikl, Noatikl and Partikl software programs, plus their fabled Mega-Bundle – three great programs and six (count ’em) Tiklpaks full of wondrous noisy goodness.  Just go and have a look at their site HERE!

Wheeeeee! Look at it go!!

Meet the chaps at MusikMesse 2011 between 6th and 9th April 2011 at Sonoma booth (Hall 5.1 Stand D82), and have a play with Mixtikl on an Apple iPad.

*UPDATE 6/4/11*

The chaps have posted on Twitter this morning to say that MixTikl 3 is near completion – with live Partikl synth sound editing, Noatikl live rule editing and more – and all coming as a FREE update.  Bring it!

*UPDATE 7/4/11*

On Facebook this morning the chaps say that with new Mixtikl 3, the LFO unit in will support tempo syncing, meaning you can beat sync the cutoff in a Filter unit, and with random levels, too.  NICE!


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