Mid-Week(ish) Roundup

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSX!  The Apple operating system is 10 years old today;
  • Skype 5.1 released for Mac OSX.  You’ll have to download it manually, because as usual, the auto-update (and manual update) function don’t work;
  • Angry Birds Rio available for iOS and OSX;
  • Steve Jobs re-elected to the ultimate Mickey Mouse company;
  • Bertrand Serlet is leaving Apple – a replacement has already been found in the shape of Craig Federighi;
  • Full-screen performance believed to be enhanced on FaceTime for Mac OSX;
  • iPad 2 has 2-3 week shipping times in some countries;
  • iPad 2 available from 5pm GMT tomorrow (Friday 25 March);
  • Steve Jobs says there are no plans to shelve the iPod Classic;
  • Aperture updated to version 3.1.2;
It started with a .. er ... Cheetah. Happy Birthday OSX. 10 Today!

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