Howard Jones: Free Music Book PDFs *UPDATE 6/11/2011*

Delighted to receive an email from Howard Jones this morning announcing that four of his music books have been made available for FREE download from his site.  You can get your hands on Human’s Lib, Dream Into Action, One To One and Cross That Line HERE.  From that link you’re also able to download FREE five tracks entitled ‘Music from’, which includes:

1. Overture
2. Collective Heartbeat
3. I Don’t Hate You
4. No One Is To Blame (Rupert Hine 1985 Remix)
5. You’re The Buddha (Robbie Bronnimann Remix)

Some nice wallpapers and graphics are also available.  I’ve been a huge fan of Howard’s since the beginning of his career, and if you’ve not been previously introduced, I think now’s the time to check out his music.  A good place to start would be his website at

*UPDATE 22/3/2011*

Howard’s just updated the site to include the ‘Action Replay‘ music book and the music to ‘Like To Get To Know You Well‘ with the excellent suggestion of making donations to the Japan Earthquake appeal.

*UPDATE 6/11/2011*

Howard’s website has just had an overhaul.  You can order the new live DVD and look at lots of new photos.  It’s HERE.


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