Mid-Week(ish) Roundup

  • “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone” – Apple’s latest tag;
  • Images of cases purporting to fit iPhone 5 suggest the design of the new phone won’t be far different from the iPhone 4;
  • The WiFi version of iPad to is believed to record better quality sound with its microphone system;
  • Some new MacBook Pro users reporting problems with iTunes Home Sharing;
  • A “Display Expert” says the screen of the iPad 2 is almost as good as that of the iPhone 4;
  • Online orders of iPad 2 in the US now slipped to 4-5 weeks’ delivery;
  • Eighth seed of OSX 10.6.7 seeded to devs this week;
  • WordPress update for iOS update fixes over 100 bugs, adds “pull to refresh” function;
  • Steve Jobs writes to Apple Japan employees to offer help to those that need it in the wake of the tsunami/earthquake/nuclear disaster;
  • Apple Remote app updated ‘slightly’

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