The Human League: Never Let Me Go – Link & Video Teaser!

Human League’s next single ‘Never Let Me Go’, the follow up to ‘Night People’, is available now on iTunes.

Here’s the link:  LINK


  1. Never Let Me Go (Italoconnection Radio Mix)
  2. Never Let Me Go (Single Version)
  3. Never Let Me Go (Italoconnection Extended Mix)
  4. Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane Remix)
  5. Never Let Me Go (DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid Mix)

Having bought it, I must say that I’m no fan of these vocal harmonisers that a lot of bands are reliant on.  But it’s a much better song than ‘Night People’, in my opinion.  They’re never going to replicate ‘Dare’, but at least they’re still in there and still having a go, which has many merits in itself.

*UPDATE* – Here’s the Video Teaser:


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