New Miktikl Track

In anticipation of Apple pulling their fingers out and getting the Mixtikl 2.6 update out to an expectant world, bunged this little ditty together this morning.  I totally wiped and reformatted my MacBook Pro yesterday, and curiously, it sounds better than ever.  I’m even getting better battery life out of the thing.  Battery charge went stupid sometime last year, and now, today, it’s back to its best (4 hours so far this morning with 24% left).  So a word to the wise: if you’re using a Mac (and why wouldn’t you be), back everything up, format it and install OSX again.  It really is worth it.

And now for that new track.  It’s a short one, sadly, but hopefully the mixdown functions on 2.6 will get the juices flowing properly again sometime soon!

LINK: VH57934


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