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I did want to call this ‘The Sunday Supplement’, but I didn’t want it to be confused with the Arsenal-hating idiots on Sky Sports.

Anyhoo, here’s the latest gossip to get in a lather over while the Sunday joint burns in your oven …

  • The new MacBook Pros may boot from an 8GB or 16GB SSD, even if they have standard hard drives fitted.  Larger specced models will just have SSD’s fitted.  Also, the glass trackpads may be bigger, according to rumours.
  • Apple’s ‘Light Peak’ technology may make an appearance soon.  Faster than USB 3.0, apparently.  Rumours are going around that the iPad 2 may incorporate it, if a leaked photo of a new iPad case is anything to go by.  New MacBook Pros may also include the tech.
  • The range of MacBook Pro’s is slated to get an update on Thursday this week (Steve Jobs’ 56th birthday), with the models getting the Sandy Bridge range of processors, and probably not a lot else.
  • The iPad 3 (yes ‘3’) could make an appearance this Summer (begging the question “when is the ‘2’ out?”  The ‘3’ is likely to take on the appearance of a large iPod Touch, housing a 2048×1536 Retina Display.
  • Apple have a job posting for someone to work on a possible Apple Television.
  • There probably won’t be an iPhone Nano, but there could be a cheaper model on the cards.
  • AT&T have provision for a iOS 4.3 Personal WiFi Hotspot feature on the iPhone 4.
  • Steve Jobs met with Barack Obama and lots of other Silicon Valley nerds this week.  One press photo was made available, and even though you only saw Jobs’ back and slight profile, he didn’t look well.
  • The chaps at Intermorphic are putting the final touches to Mixtikl 2.6.  Nice!
  • Consignments of ‘things’ are arriving sealed in black plastic to some Apple Stores.  Originally I thought they were the new MacBook Pros, but now I’m hearing about the price drop of iPads from cellphone providers, I’m thinking again …

Just want to say another big ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s take the time to pay a visit to this site.  I am noticing that a lot of people are conducting Google Searches for things like ‘TR-606 Manual’ and ‘Texas Instruments Toy Manuals’.  If you are one of those persons conducting the searches, and there’s anything your specifically looking for, drop me a line HERE and there’s a good chance I may be able to help you out.


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