The Human League: Credo – Review & Pre-Order NOW on iTunes

You can now preorder the new Human League LP “Credo” on iTunes HERE.

The 11-track LP is expected to be released on Wall of Sound records on 21 March 2011.


  1. Never Let Me Go
  2. Night People
  3. Sky
  4. Into The Night
  5. Egomaniac
  6. Single Minded
  7. Electric Shock
  8. Get Together
  9. Privilege
  10. Breaking the Chains
  11. When The Stars Start To Shine

30-second previews are available for all tracks.

*UPDATE 11/3/2011*

My Advance Promo copy arrived today.  I’m sorry to say that having been a fan of the Human League since the late 70s, this is very, very disappointing.  It sounds like a collection of demos, the only standout being ‘Egomaniac’ which will probably do quite well in Europe.  Was never a fan of the second single ‘Never Let Me Go’ which depended too much on a vocal harmoniser, and its predecessor ‘Night People’ which I found barren and severely lacking … well … anything.

‘Sky’ is a call-and-response track; “life goes on / now you’re gone / life goes on after Sky.”  Not impressed.  ‘Sky’ and ‘Into The Night’ run into each other, which will be a bugger for some media devices which can’t handle that sort of thing.  The last 30 seconds of ‘Into The Night’ is a washed-over tinkly keyboard sound with occasional spatial vocals.  ‘Egomaniac’ has the ability to be a stomper if someone cares to remix it in such a way.  As it stands (as stated before), by far the best track on the LP.  Good bass, squelchy singles and Phil’s vocal very strong and sure.  ‘Single Minded’ starts off like an Aphex Twin track ‘Pigeon Street’ – a beepy little noise to start, before sounds reminiscent of ‘Don’t You Want Me’ are interspersed with that same beepy noise throughout.  Again, not keen.

‘Electric Shock’ started off with a little metallic noise that reminded me of ‘Soul Limbo’ by Booker T & The MGs – the ‘theme’ of Radio 4s ‘Test Match Special’.  Give it a go – you’ll see what I mean.  Lots of wannabe-TB303 noises squeal their way through the track, which, sadly, don’t save it.

‘Get Together’ sounds like it’s been churned out of presets from some mid-80s CasioTone keyboard, and as such, this could easily have been an 80s b-side.

‘Priviliege’ is a better track.  Nice boingy synth intro and deep Phil vocals.  Probably the second best track on the album.

‘Breaking the Chains’ showcases Phil’s vocals a bit more, which is great.  I have noticed that he’s not singing to his past glory on this LP.  Perhaps he just can’t sustain a note anymore?  ‘All I Ever Wanted’ was the last great Oakey vocal, in my opinion.

The last track, ‘When The Stars Start to Shine’ starts off with a filtered drum pattern which could have been lifted from The Cure’s ‘Close To Me’.  I was waiting for the bass to come in, and it kind-of did, but in a different way.  And that’s where it petered out.

Very disappointed with this.


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