Kraftwerk: Are They Up To Something?

Any aficionados’ of Kraftwerk will know that their music output is, well, frustrating to say the least.  When a really decent album comes along, you know you’ve waited years and years – decades even – for it.  And this morning, idly flicking through my Twitter Timeline, I spy this:

They’ve only ever Tweeted 12 things, and this is the first since October.  And if you’re familiar with their music (or if you speak German), you’ll know this says “We’re charging our battery, and now we’re full of energy.”  Does this mean something new is about to emerge from beyond that back-street car-park in Düsseldorf?  I’m hoping they not just taking the same tired old show on the road again this year.  A new album (not a rehash of something old) would be most welcome.

Watch this space.


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