Teaser: Intermorphic Mixtikl 2.6

The chaps at Intermorphic have been teasing us with news of a new in-production version of Mixtikl, the generative music program for iOS, OSX and Windows.  Here’s the very latest on what they’re up to:

This is just a heads up on some key elements that *should* make it into Mixtikl 2.6 which we expect should be available in a month or so:

New: Mixdown option (i.e. to let you record e.g. 44Khz stereo mixes even if your device cannot play them live at that quality).
New: Mix/Mic recording dialogs (much improved feature based on what was there before)
New: TBYB Generative Tiklpaks
Various bug fixes

As usual, I can’t wait!  44Khz mixdown will be just great.  Nice one guys.


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