Weekend Rumours & Round-Up – 16.1.11

News emerging this morning that the iPad 2 will be thinner and sleeker, with a new hi-res screen (probably not a Retina Display like the iPhone 4), and foregoing that rumour of a USB port for … an SD Card Slot!  It’s also said to sport front and rear-facing cameras, and the new 3G model will feature both GSM and CDMA radios courtesy of Qualcomm.  Could see iPad 2 in April 2011.

The new iPhone 5 is said to be completely redesigned.  It’s expected to launch this summer.  It will run on something dubbed as the Apple A5 chip (which is in essence a Cortex-A9 based multicore processor).

A new Apple TV is also in the works, sporting the Apple A4 chip and the ability to put out 1080p.  Future models will sport the same Apple A5 chip they’re going to stick in the iPhone 5.

Rumours went around that the next-gen iPhones and iPads would leave off the ‘home’ button.  This has been quashed – at least for the time being.

Heard today that Gerry Anderson’s reworking of ‘Thunderbirds’ WILL be CGI.  Bother.

Beta of iOS 4.3 is out there (not for public consumption, of course).  Better AirPlay support, four and five-finger multi-touch gestures.  Seems it will preclude iPhone 3G users and earlier iPod Touches when the update is available to the likes of you and me.  There’s also that Wifi Hotspot thingy, which will work at the discretion of your carrier (ie: NOT on Orange PAYG).

Update: 12.1.11

Hearing that iPad will quadruple the res of the display, to a startling 2048 x 1536, only just short of the ppi of the iPhone 4.  The GPU is stated to be dual-core.

Best Buy have three new SKUs for Apple iPad products “coming soon”, priced at $599 and $699.


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