Possible iPhone 5 Parts Leak Video & Pictures (Updated 7/1)

Apple moved swiftly yesterday to remove a video of a possible new chassis for the iPhone 5, or possibly Verizon iPhone.  But I found it somewhere else!  Some still images too:

If you ask me, it doesn’t look like Apple have done away with the pesky antennae connection at the bottom of the unit.  The one on the top of the unit has gone, but there’s a third black separation band added to the right side of the phone.  The ‘leak’ said that despite a few minor changes to the inside of the chassis, there was a “baffling lack of holes for the camera in the new internal casing”.

The SIM card slot would indicate this isn’t the Verizon iPhone (as Verizon don’t use SIMs in its phones (apart from the BlackBerry 8830)).  Speculation is rising that Apple will use dual CDMA/GSM radios inside the next phone.

Would Apple have had the video removed for “copyright reasons” if the parts weren’t genuine?

(UPDATE 7/1/11)

This picture has emerged this morning of some alleged technical drawings for new iPhone 5:


One thought on “Possible iPhone 5 Parts Leak Video & Pictures (Updated 7/1)

  1. If the government actually listens to apple and makes jailbreaking illegal, i am going to absolutely OUTRAGED

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