Nexvio 8mm Vintage Camera App for iPhone/iPod Touch (UPDATE 25/6)

Now that ghastly holiday season is out of the way, and the snow has all gone to allow me to get out and about without breaking my neck, I was quite intrigued to see what all the fuss was about over this app.  Standard video recording on the iPhone is, let’s admit it, a little boring.  But the 8mm Vintage Camera app from Nexvio Inc is something else.

It’s a video recoding app with a load of bundled effects and lenses, as well as the ability to export your creations to a .MOV file, upload to YouTube or send in an email.

What you see and adjust in the on-screen viewfinder is exactly what you’ll get in your output file.  WYSIWYG, then.  You get five different lenses, including flickering frame and colour fringing.  There are also five different film types, including 1920’s, 70’s and Sienna.

There’s also a jitter button, where you can give your video a real-time frame displacement for 8mm projector imitation.  Neat.

You can swap your lenses and film types at any time throughout your production, and use your flash if your device supports it.  You can also switch between front and back cameras.  Lenses are changed by tapping the on-screen lens itself.  Frame jitter is a tap button also, but the film changer is a wheel you can easily adjust by dragging downwards.  Recording is tap to start, tap to end.  Tap to focus and exposure adjustment.  Transfer your movies to iTunes File Sharing too.

Compatibility covers iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, plus 4th Gen iPod Touch with iOS4.1 or later.

The UI couldn’t be more simple.  All controls are easy to use, and the effects are pretty cool, as you’ll see presently.  The .MOV file that the app saves to might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are plenty of programs for Mac and PC that can convert to .AVI or other formats.

8mm Vintage Camera Controls

I’ve taken some quick video examples this morning for you to see what the output quality is like.  Meantime, I hope the developers will check the spelling on their app, and realise that ‘lens’ doesn’t have two ‘e’s’.  Not the end of the world, but little things like that really annoy me.

I’m gonna be using this more and more over the coming weeks.  Maybe the devs can update it now and again with (say) in-app purchases of more film types and lenses.  Another couple of features I’d like to see is muting of sound in recorded video, plus the possibility to overdub a soundtrack.

The app hasn’t crashed on me, and nor am I expecting it to.  The UI is well laid-out and even dummies like me can understand it.  I don’t have a YouTube account so I can’t upload my creations to that.  It may happen in the future though, as long as I can find something more interesting that Tenby harbour to go round filming.

Apologies for the time it takes to view the videos.  30 seconds of recording results in a file a little over 12.5MB.  These test videos are in native .MOV format.  They’re taken with an iPhone 4 on a rather windy day.


8mm Vintage Camera can be purchased at the App Store for £1.19 HERE!

UPDATE – 25 June 2011

The 8mm Camera App has been updated to version 1.2.  Here’s what’s new:


17 thoughts on “Nexvio 8mm Vintage Camera App for iPhone/iPod Touch (UPDATE 25/6)

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    1. Checked online to see whether anyone else has the same problem, but can’t find any mention of it. Might be an idea to remove the app from your phone and reinstall it through iTunes.

  4. Ok, I must be really new to this… I love this app, but I want to transfer the footage to my mac so I can edit it in FCP. But I don’t have a clue how to do this. Can anyone give me a tip? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sure thing. So you’ve already got the videos recorded on your iPhone? Plug your iPhone into your Mac and then go to iTunes. Click on the ‘Apps’ tab in iTunes to bring up your list of installed apps. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see the 8mm App listed in ‘File Sharing’. If 8mm is not already highlighted, then click on it, and in the column next to it marked ‘8mm Documents’ you’ll see a list of all your recorded video. Click on one or all of them and then ‘Save to …’. Voila! Enjoy!

  5. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the quick reply. The first three steps are easely done, but if I look at the list of my installed apps, there’s no “file sharing” list. I can click on 8mm, but the only thing that pops-up is information about the app.

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