FAB: The Magic of Gerry Anderson – UK 2011 Stamps (Update 30.10.11)

*QUICK UPDATE 30.10.2011*

I’ve got a spare set of these finishing tomorrow on eBay UK if you’re interested: http://bit.ly/tMJ0Gc


To mark 50 years of the genius that is Gerry Anderson, the Royal Mail are releasing a set of stamps on 11 January 2011.  And while we’re at it, why hasn’t Gerry had a Knighthood yet?

UPDATE – 11.1.11

Just got my Presentation set of stamps.  And what beauts they are!

The Presentation Set. Click Image for Full Size
Holder for the Lenticular Stamps. Click Image for Full Size.

Yes, you read me right FAB fans – Lenticular Stamps – “moving” images.  Never been done before in a set of stamps.  Following link is for a little movie I shot this morning to show you exactly what they’re like:


Main Stamp Set. Click Image for Full Size

Also included in the set is a four-page Thunderbirds comic – a collaboration between Royal Mail and TV21.  The whole set costs £7.50 and I suggest you run along to your nearest Main Post Office right away and get some.  The Royal Mail Website has a number of other Gerry Anderson goodies, including First Day Covers and metal Stamp Pins.


Gerry has just announced to (frankly) an uninterested News24, that he’s making a new series of Thunderbirds.  LINK

UPDATE – 15.1.11

Heard on Radio 4 this morning that the new Thunderbirds WILL be CGI.  Which I’m not happy about.


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