Quick Rant

I’ve been getting a number of comments and messages regarding this site that aren’t entirely beneficial to me.

If you’re going to comment and complain as severely and rudely as you are, I’d rather you didn’t say anything at all.

Granted, this isn’t the most amazing blog in the world.  But a growing number of people are looking at it, commenting on it, taking things from it and following posted links.  I’d describe it, then, as being slightly useful.  As soon as people stop coming, then I’ll knock it on the head and everyone can go back to Google for their information.

I know who you are, and I have no idea why you’re being this rude to me.  You obviously have no life at all right now, which is hardly my fault.  I suggest you crawl away on the backs of your hands and get back under that rock you’ve been hiding under for immeasurable years.

Don’t make me publicly name and shame you.


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