Instagram Photo Sharing iPhone App (UPDATE: 22/11)

“Fast, beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone” says the website.  And I won’t disagree with that.

Take a picture with your iPhone, muck around with it with the built-in filters, then upload it for the world to see, like and comment on.  And if Facebook or Twitter are still your bag (certainly not mine), you can post them there.

Oh, and it’s free too!  HERE

The Popular Images Screen
The News Page, Where People Comment on your Stuff and Follow You
The Camera Screen

The whole program is very basic, but quite effective.  You can’t save other users’ photos, and I’m unsure whether this will be a feature in the future.  Probably not – there do appear to be some professional photographers using Instagram right now, and they’d be pretty narked if everyone nicked their pictures.

Lots of pictures of cats, I noticed.  A very popular subject.  Some users have themed competitions (‘Autumn’ is one I saw earlier).  There are rules about the kinds of pictures you can post, apparently, but I’ve not found them anywhere.  Subjects are quite tame, although I did notice some boobs a couple of days ago, which were swiftly removed!

Try it.  You might like it.  And if you do, you might like to post your usernames here for others to see.

*UPDATE 22/11:  Instagram has a million users already!  Amazing.  Give it a go.


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