Preview: Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Runner – 23/11 UPDATE!

When I was a kid I had a great game for my Atari 65XE.  ‘Star Raiders’ it was called, and was Star-Wars-esque in every copyright-infringing respect.  8-bit, but I loved it.  Thirty-odd years on, I’ve finally found something to once more invigorate my interest.

I love the look of this iOS game.  New York-based developers Vertigore have put this together.  The game uses the iPhone’s camera, compass and sensors to proffer loads of screaming TIE Fighters over your real-life surroundings.  Tenby will never be the same again!  There are backdrops available too if you live somewhere dull like Didsbury or Penge.

As you can see in the video, two on-screen joysticks help you fire weapons and manoeuvre your Falcon.

UPDATE 23/11 – OUT NOW HERE! £2.99.  Don’t be a mug – go and get it.  It’s pretty damned good!

Don’t forget you can click any of the images on this site for bigger versions!

Start Screen with rendered sit-in Star Wars game.
Main Menu Screen
Main Loader Screen
AR activated. You can have stars & the Death Star if you prefer!
Mod screen. Just in case you need fifty more cannons ...
Swipe-thru Tutorial screens.

Spent 20 minutes spinning round in my chair playing this.  Feel queasy now!  Whether it’s all that spinning or listening to Harrison Ford droning on I don’t know.  Must find out how to turn him off …


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