Monster Tour Beats by Dr Dre

‘Impressed’ turned to ‘depressed’ when I saw the price of the entire Dre Beats range.  But then I came across these Monster Tour Beats headphones at a decent price online.  I had to get them based solely on the reviews I’d read.  And, of course, the very aesthetics of the product.

The box is a decent place to start.

Nicely shrink wrapped when they arrived, I quickly tore into that to reveal the matt black slipcase bordering a red magnetic-latched inner box.  “Sound matters” it said on the inner lid.  Indeed it does.  The Beats were sitting there in a faux-moleskin encased plastic inner box.  The generous flat cable ran through the back to reveal a twisty-tied 3.5mm gold plated plug.

The flat, patent-pending red cable certainly is “no-tangle”.  The mini jack connector looks well made.  The phones themselves fitted perfectly in my ears with the (very) soft rubber tips that were already applied to the earpieces.  There are a couple of different-sized pairs in the box.  The sound tube that the tips fit over is very slightly angled, and when you place them into your ears, they find their position perfectly, and sit there nice and snug without being uncomfortable.  A lot of the noise of the outside world is immediately cut off.

Because I like the treble whacked up to max on my iPhone 4, the sound was certainly crisp and bright.  I used Kraftwerk’s ‘Numbers’ and ‘Autobahn’ as my test pieces.  The drums of the former and bassline of the latter were very noticeable.  And although the tracks I listened to as my audio test were digital remasters, I could clearly hear lots of background noises I had previously not encountered.  Impressed?  Yes.

The Beats measure 45 inches end-to-end.  They are lightweight, sturdy plastic with brushed aluminium endplates depicting the Beats’ ‘B’ logo.  The set are finished off with a nice, round soft carry case with ‘Mosnter’ tagged zipper.  The case has an inner pocket for carrying spare rubber buds or that emergency Tenner for the taxi when you miss the last bus home.

I love these already, and I’ve only owned them a couple of hours.  They look right, they feel right and damn! they sound right.  I don’t care that this particular model doesn’t have an inline remote for iPhone 4 use.  I don’t care that I’m a fortysomething who shouldn’t even  be owning let alone reviewing a product meant for someone half as old and ten-thousand times as hip as himself!

If you can get these at a decent price, do so.  You will NOT be sorry.


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