I Can Feel It, Smaller In The ‘Air’ Tonight … UPDATE!

Rumors abound that a couple of new MacBook Air’s will be announced at the Town Hall meeting this coming Wednesday.  A new version of the current 13″ model, plus a smaller 11″ machine.

The smaller model won’t replace the 13″ at all, but will enter the market as a cheaper option.

Both models will have the unibody frame and single button trackpad.

At its thickest point, it will be slightly thicker than the height of a standard USB port.

From a ‘seen’ prototype, the port next to the MagSafe Power Connector is NOT a USB.  They didn’t say what it was, just annotated it with ‘???’  Weren’t there rumours recently of Mac hardware incorporating this new-fangled USB3 technology.

Whoever annotated the above image (cheers to EnGadget for that) measures the screen width at 10.1″


The new MacBook Air is rumoured to have the following updates:

8-10 hour battery (up from 5 hour)
Thinner and lighter form factor (really) with less curvy bits
Two USB ports, SD card slot, straight MagSafe connector and Mini DisplayPort
2GB RAM (upgradeable).
Upgradeable SSD
(Unconfirmed) 2.1 & 2.4GHz CPUs (processor family unknown)
Prices rumoured to start from $999 for the 11.1″ model

UPDATE 2: The above image is believed to be of an 11.6″ Model, codenamed ‘K18’.


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