Apple’s New Toys

Steve Jobs wheeled out the Music Show a couple of days back, and introduced a few new iPods, another Apple TV and, well, not a lot else to be honest.

(Above) the new iPod Shuffle.  People wanted buttons apparently, so now you’ve got them.  And five colours to boot.  Only available in 2GB and sells for £39.  Not out yet, but you can pre-order, and ships within 5-7 days (or so the Apple Store says).  Mind you, the Apple Store has said the iPhone 4 will be available in 3 weeks for about three months.

(Above) the new iPod Nano.  You didn’t want buttons, so they got rid of them and replaced it with the tiniest touchscreen you ever did see.  If you have fat fingers like me, you’ll have NO chance.  And “who needs a stylus?”  Seven colours, two capacities (8GB and 16GB) and selling for £129 and £159 respectively.  Pre-order and 7-10 days wait again.  It’s got a clip, too.  Wow!  Multitouch screen, genius mixes, radio and a bit more.

(Above) the new iPod Touch.  Now with Retina Display, FaceTime, HD Video Recording, two cameras (one of which is pretty nasty, apparently), Game Centre.  8GB, 32GB and 64GB flavours and £189, £249 and £329 price tags.  Still got that curved (albeit slightly thinner) metal back, which your little darlings are going to bugger up in less than three days.

(Above) the new Apple TV.  It’s smaller, it’s sort of black, it doesn’t have a hard drive, you rent stuff, it has 802.11n wifi, does all your photos and videos and programmes and things, and has a remote control.  I still can’t see the point of Apple TV.  I think they’ll ditch it within the next 12 months and think of something else.  99 quid to you, guv’nor.

iOS 4.1 Update

The iOS 4.1 update has just arrived.  It’s plonked something called Game Centre on my phone, which I didn’t really ask for.  Not being into games, I’ve hidden it away somewhere and might have a look at it in future.

I’m more interested in this HDR function with the phone.  I’ve taken a quick photo of my Nisse with it, and you tell me what differences you can see.  You can click on the image to see it a bit bigger).

The idea of HDR is that the camera takes three pictures, the normal one and then an underexposure and overexposure of the same image, which it then combines.  So you get two pictures saved to your phone – the original, plus the HDR.  I think there’s some settings you can change on the phone, too.  Already had Mikki tell me she can see the difference.  Cheers honey.

iTunes 10

Don’t like it.  Their new ‘Ping’ service, which is probably meant to ring the death knell of MySpace, won’t work.  I know I’m going to get complaints from people saying “give it a chance” and use words and phrases like “infancy” and “early days”, but when I see a pile of crap in the street, I know it’s a pile of crap and will never be anything else.

I think it’s a bit quicker loading things and refreshing stuff, but that’s about it.  It looks a bit different, has new Capacity Bar and Volume control.

If I find out any other gems that the OS update has proffered, I’ll let you know.  Not holding my breath.  Thought Jobs might have mentioned iLife 11, but he didn’t, and I know it was a Music Show, but it’s about time the MacBook Air had an update.

If you find anything dodgy about any of the new pieces of hardware, or iTunes or iOS, please drop me a line.


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