Apple Music Event – 1 September 2010 (iPod Nano edit)

Apple have announced the date for their next Music event.  Earlier than anticipated, it all happens at 6pm (UK time) on 1 September – a week from now.  The magic happens at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco.

No news yet as to what’s gonna be talked about, but a new range of iPods is quite likely, plus a lot of gloating about how many iTunes songs have been downloaded and all the usual guff.  Expect the new iPod Touch with front-facing camera, new AppleTV (dubbed iTV) and news of 99c TV episode rentals.

Someone’s also just pointed out that there’s something ‘inside’ that image of the guitar.  If you stick the image through Photoshop and change the levels and balances, you’ll see something that looks like a set of steps, or (someone suggests) even a set of white stripes, similar to a pelican crossing (maybe a Beatles reference (one hopes not)).  Strange, though.  Give it a go!  Send in your comments as to what you think it is.  It’s below:

AppleInsider today have come up with a mock-up of what the new iPod Nano’s might look like.  Impressive:

The Nano will keep its 30-pin connector despite its huge weight loss.  And that (touch) screen is probably the one we saw bandied about a couple of months ago.  The Insider say that the current iPod Shuffle is precluded from the plethora of third-party ‘docking stations’ and such because of its lack of 30-pin connector and oh-so-small form factor – something they didn’t want for the new Nano, obviously.

iLife could also be updated at next Wednesday’s ‘gig’, along with a new iPod Touch, as mentioned previously.


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