iOS 4.0.1 – ‘Crock of Gold’ or ‘Crock of Crap’? (Updated)

Mikki did an experiment tonight.  Donning her lab coat and best nerd specs, she took her shiny new iPhone 4 and upgraded it to iOS 4.0.1.  Then she sat it next to an iPhone 3GS without the update.  Admittedly, she says the bars are slightly bigger on the updated phone, but there was less of a signal.  Before the update, she asserts, she was able to get one or two bars, or no signal at all.  After the update, nothing had changed.  But get this – the 3GS without the update had a better signal.  So is the ‘4’ a piece of crap?

Here’s the evidence:

iPhone 3GS WITHOUT iOS 4.0.1 update
iPhone 4 WITH iOS 4.0.1 Update

Still nobody is any the wiser what Jobs is going to offer tomorrow.  That’s IF he shows his face.  I’m wondering whether they’ll roll out the SVP of Hardware to face the guns.

The ‘fix’ has made no difference really.  It’s made some graphic a bit bigger.  Wow!  I’ll be there at 6pm BST looking to see what excuses they come up with.


The BBC website this morning has posted an update about iOS 4.0.1, stating that “the software update has corrected the way that different versions of the handset display signal strength.”

But …

“Some users are reporting that an earlier update means their 3GS phones now drop far more calls than before.”  “The dropped calls occur when the phone suddenly reboots during a conversation.”

“The Apple support forum dealing with the problem now has more than 36 pages of comments attached to it. Apple has yet to give specific advice about this problem but many users report that restoring the phone’s firmware fixes the trouble.”


So, no recall.  Free bumpers (or third party cases) for all.  Or you can take your phone back for a full refund if you’re still not happy.

Er, was that it?  What about us poor saps who’ve been on ‘The List’ for nearly a fortnight?  And now Jobs is talking about the white model being available in limited quantities before the end of July.

Not going to report on yesterday’s Town Hall meeting.  I’ve already given you the gist of it.  It was a case of “hey, these other smartphones perform just as badly as ours”, making sure the stills and video of the ‘evidence’ showed the user gripping the other smartphones exactly where the sensor array was housed.

Do you really love all your users, Apple?  Then let me have a bloody phone without having to wait any longer.


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