iFail (Updated) & iOS 4.0.1 Pic!

Me, earlier

For the past couple of days, I’ve been aware of a number of possibilities for the iFail 4.  Firstly, this potted rumour of Apple giving away free bumpers to users.  Then came the rumour of a possible software fix, which we’ve largely dismissed as improbable of fixing a hardware issue.  Now I read about a possible product recall.  Apple better not do this, else I’m gonna go Raoul Moat on their ass.  I believe Mikki is already working on some kind of juju doll of Steve Jobs.

I went on the iPhone ‘list’ nine days ago now.  And nothing.  As helpful as the staff in the nearest Apple store have been (and I know it’s not their fault), what I want to know it “how much longer do I have to wait for this bloody thing?”  You all know that I have a suspicious mind, and right now it’s working overtime in thinking that they will recall it, which is why the stores don’t have any, and are not getting stocks in at all.  Now I know why three different people have said to me “can I ask why you haven’t gone for the 3Gs?”  I’m wondering that myself.

For the second day I’m using something called a Blackberry, which was loaned to me in my hour of need.  Sadly, it’s a really old model that has no functionality whatsoever, other than being a complete pain in the arse.  For a start, it has buttons.  Lots of the buggers.  And flashing lights, removable battery and a nasty screen.  Which isn’t touch sensitive, so you get access to ‘apps’ (natch) via a push and jog wheel on the side.  It takes twenty minute to make a phone call, and as for internet access and email – forget that.  It wants something called ‘Enterprise Activation’.   No 3G, doesn’t want to connect to Wireless networks, and the sounds are turned off by default, so you don’t know when anyone’s calling (unless you’ve got the thing strapped to your head and are aware of the flashing red light).  BreakingiPhone have just posted to Twitter saying a recall could cost Apple $1.5B.

Scott Forstall made the mistake of joining Twitter recently, I noticed.  But I shall leave him alone for now.  He hasn’t said anything yet, but I’m guessing he’s sitting there and observing.  And, quite possibly, laughing.


Apple are holding a Press Conference tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm BST.  Probably to tell everyone what they intent to do re: the iFail 4.  Free bumpers?  Recall?  Shrug shoulders?  Who knows.

Also, I hear rumours that Apple are quietly going round replacing phones for ones that work properly.  I don’t know how much substance these rumours have, but one wag says the replacement phone he was given performed much better, with no signal loss.  Also, the new phones are different physically, too.  The steel band is “less steel-y” and has a “matt finish”.  Also, “the black plastic bezel isn’t as black as the previous one, and now I can see the proximity sensor.”  That’s what I hate about the white one – the fact you can see the sensor array under the plastic.  Now it looks like that’s the case with the black edition, which is just hateful (if true).

Gizmodo asked people who’d had their iPhones swapped whether they’d noticed differences?  The consensus was that many saw “significant differences” compared with their old units.  Some reported better reception; some noted the now-visible sensor, while others say there were no cosmetic improvements or improved signal.

iOS 4.0.1 is ready on iTunes NOW.

Want to thank CockneyComic for sending me this screenshot of his iPhone 4 with the new Mega Bars.  Cheers mate.


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