You don’t wanna mess with me …

Developers.  If you’re going to update your apps to work with iOS4, can you please make sure they work properly first.  And you, Apple – don’t you check these things either?

Case in point is David Mitchell’s soapbox app.  I like David Mitchell.  There’s more humour in one of his toenail clippings than there is in a bargeload of James Corden’s.  Not that you’d get many James Corden’s in a barge.  He is, after all, supremely fat.

Imagine my delight at seeing the app update waiting for me this morning.  Imagine, again, my annoyance at it not working at all – just like it had not previously worked.

Which brings me on to all the annoying little things that my 3G iPhone now WON’T do since the iOS4 update.  Such as:

* Camera doesn’t always work – black pictures a lot of the time, slow to start up also
* Phone gets incredibly warm
* Getting lots of missed calls even though there’s supposedly a very good signal
* Other allegedly updated apps like ‘Words for Friends’ always crashing and doing other odd things
* When I get a call, the phone either doesn’t show who’s calling, or will display some other profile picture

On the plus side (and there is only one thing), it’s a lot quicker at picking up a wireless signal.

Today (Monday) Apple are supposed to release a patch to cure the “touch of death” as it’s being bandied.  I hope it addresses some of the issues that I’ve mentioned above, too.  Sort it out, Steve.  You don’t want to be getting an email from me now, do you?


Something that Mikki pointed out to me, which I was aware of but hadn’t really grated on my nerves until now, was the fact you can only get nine apps in a folder.  As a result, I now have two Utilities Folders on my home screen.  I’d like to see this adjusted in future – surely it won’t be too hard to scroll through a folder?


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