iPhone 4 Launch Day

I’m hoping lots of people will send in their pics of their shiny new iPhone 4 purchases. Already got Tom sitting outside a phone shop waiting for his (it’s not even 7am here yet).

I hear that some early purchasers have reported yellowing of the screens on iPhone 4. Some say that there are “button-sized dots forming” on the bottom-right hand corner of the screens. This is similar to when the 3G came out – some reported the screen as being “warmer” and “more yellow” than the original iPhone.


Thanks to Nicky Corbo for pointing out that Orange UK won’t have PAYG iPhone 4’s for “a few weeks”. And to add insult to injury, it’s just started raining …


Hot on the heels of the yellow screens, Jolie O’Dell remarks that the ‘4’ is having connection issues – when you pick the thing up! Pah – three antennae’s, my arse!

Tom's iPhone 4, mid-purchase.

Apparently Tom says the SIM eject tool with the new phone is really flimsy and has twisted already. “Rubbish!”  What he didn’t realise was that the tool was to “poke into the little hole”, not to use as a crowbar to gouge out the plastic tray.  D’oh!

JF got to the O2 store to be told they’d sold out already. And there was a ticket system – no ticket, no shoes, no tie, no phone. UPDATE: O2 have told him his iPhone will be delivered to him tomorrow. Customer Service came out tops, apparently.

Nicky has just reported to me that his earlier info came from a ‘sales person’, who said that the PAYG phones weren’t out because Apple hadn’t released the PAYG prices yet, even though they’re online.”

UPDATE: I hear that the ‘yellowing’ is caused by the screen adhesive “not being set properly yet”. Foxconn have chucked these out so quickly that they’re not completely “dry” and should wear off in a couple of days.

We’ve also had our first “drop”. A ‘4’ was dropped (accidentally) from about a foot, and the glass completely shattered on the rear of the casing. Nasty.


A huge thank you to uber-nerd and Haribo fiend Mikki for sending me these jealousy-inducing unboxing photos.

The back of the phone doesn’t appear to show the capacity anymore. Not that this matters really.

One expects Apple are frantically working on a patch to sort out that left-hand side antennae problem. And I guess that the yellow spots on some screens will start wearing off any time now, “as the glue has had time to dry.”

More comment to come later about the quality and speed of the phone. Thanks again to Mikki for the latest pictures.

Jobs has already commented on the antenna problem. “Don’t hold it on that side then.” Suits me.

UPDATE: Another problem surfacing. Some units have left the factory with inverted volume buttons, so up is down and down is up. Oh dear.

UPDATE: Hearing a rumour that Apple somehow plan to fix the antennae problem with a software fix on Monday. How the heck do you fix a physical problem with software?

Oh, and my Internet has gone down. Been pecking away on 2G phone for last 11 hours, to bear with me …


Appears the router channel needed changing … anyway …

Thanks to Apple Maidenhall (Sheffield) for emailing me someone else’s iPhone 4 receipt.  Very kind of you.  Bet you don’t send me their phone as well.

Not heard any news today about more iPhone fails.  I did hear that someone managed to scratch their very easily.


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