Apple Inc. iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G

Updated: 7 June 2010

I was quite mad when I first saw those leaked pictures of the 4G iPhone prototype.  It was flat, looked like a 2003 Nokia, and had all the elegance of John McCririck.  At the time, too, I was still mad at Apple for not allowing the 3G all the bells and whistles of the impending 4.0 update – no multitasking, for a start.  I’ve looked after my white 3G in the hope that within a couple of years of owning it, a new one would emerge that I wanted more, meaning I could sell my 3G (laden with every Cure MP3 in Christendom) and I’d get a good return.

And now, a little while on, the idea of the flat 4G iPhone has grown on me.  I look at my 3G with distain sometimes.  When it goes slow, I tell it that it’s for the high-jump, because something bigger and better is coming to replace it.  Foxconn say they’ll ship 24 million units this year.  The new displays have FFS and IPS tech which will (among other things) enhance the experience of reading ebooks.  IPS and FFS allow great wide-angle viewing, and better screen contrasts in strong sunlight.  The LG displays will, er, display 960×640 pixel res (320 pixels per inch!)  It’s also reported that the Samsung memory has doubled to 512MB, even though the label on the leaked A4 chip mentioned 256MB.  The screen is also reportedly thinner, making way for a bigger battery – 19% bigger, apparently.

So, apart from the flat UNIBODY casing, bigger battery and nicer screen, what’s new?  Well, a forward-facing camera for starters – a 5MP LG one.  The existing camera lens appears larger, too.  An LED camera flash makes an appearance, too.  MicroSIM (groan) which goes in the side and not the top, split (round) metal buttons for volume, and the power and mute buttons are metal also.  The back of the phone is completely flat, constructed of either glass or shiny plastic.  This allows for better phone/wireless reception.  The phone also sports a screwless aluminium border around the outside.  May be the possibility of a white front panel, too, and very recently the chaps over at ArsTechnica say the white coloration may extend round the back, too.

Also the screen has a higher res, it’s smaller than the 3G/3GS.  It weights 3 grams more too.  All internal components have been made smaller to allow for the bigger battery.  And it will, of course, run OS4.  There was rumour that the 4G has two microphones as well – possibly a noise cancellation setup.

I think I’ll probably ditch my 3G in favour of this new model.  Not because of the garnish in the shape of two cameras, but because of the updated software which Apple can’t get to work on the lesser model.


More pictures surfacing of the unibody and close-up of that 960×640 display:




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